Unboxed: Motorola Droid Desktop Stand

This ezeStand is a versatile desktop holder for your Smart Phone or Media Player. It holds all of the latest Touch Screen devices including: Motorola Droid & Milestone iPhone 3G/3GS Google Nexus One Blackberry Storm Palm Pre iPod Touch, and many more. Check out the stand here:

RichardSolo Unboxing [HD]

***WATCH IN HD*** Here I unbox a small package with a lot of value! It contains a RicharSolo 1800, RichardSolo 1200, and Custom iPhone 3G/3GS case. First impressions: The 1800 is quite a bit slimmer and sturdier than I expexted, and the 1200 is a bit thicker and heavier for a smaller actual battery. The custom case is quite simple, a 2-piece hard shell in all black. YES, this will…

Unboxed: Wrapsol Shield for LG Voyager [HD]

***WATCH IN HD*** Here's my quick unboxing video of the Wrapsol transparent shields that they happen to make for my phone, the LG Voyager. I will post this as a video response to the hardware overview so you can see exactly what everything in the package means! Check out their link: Enjoy - SUBSCRIBE